Friday, January 20, 2012

Lunch for royalty: delicious vegan fast food from my garden

fast food lunch from my garden

I am starting to have a few delicious lunches of boiled potatoes, freshly picked beans thrown in 2 minutes before the potatoes have finished cooking, and everything else raw: grated zuchini, the tomatoes which are just starting and freshly picked salad. Potatoes and a few beans are about the only thing I have which is cooked at the moment because it is summer here and there is so much to eat from my garden and super-kind friends' fruit trees, and even at the organic shops, fruit is just so cheap and delicious.

Remember those potatoes I planted here? Well, this is the potato patch now.

The potatoes get watered three times a week, at least early in the morning, and sometimes later on in the evening if it has been a very hot day. This is because we have water restrictions as a result of damage because of the earthquakes here in Christchurch.

Back to eating potatoes though, I have to say, the difference between bought potatoes, even organic ones purchased from the farmer's market and ones that I have dug from the garden and eaten straight away is great. The texture, the taste, everything about the eating experience is vastly improved when they are dug and eaten straight away. So to eat food fit for a queen, you really do need to have your own garden.

All mixed in with a twist of pepper and a sprinkle of delicious New Zealand sea salt

I do eat the beans raw sometimes, but more often than not, I cut the ends off and plonk them in with the potatoes for no more than two minutes. I do the same thing to asparagus if I happen to find a couple of them in the garden as well. I only have a small asparagus patch left so I am never going to get enough to eat "properly" and as I am the only one here that likes them, that is probably for the best.

a small selection of some of our salad greens with some courgettes I snapped off from the plant

I am also eating a lot of salad greens. We have such a wide variety in my garden to choose from. Often I dig the potatoes and wash them lightly, then while they are boiling (20 minutes is optimum), I pick my salad leaves and tomatoes, courgette and beans and anything else I can find. I am pretty casual with my food preparation. I do wash my salad greens, because I have many birds which enjoy my garden too, and I don't want to accidentally consume something that is not good for me. I have an old salad spinner which I use to dry the leaves, then I loosely rip them into smaller bits, but not too small! I never use any mayonaise, not even a vegan kind. I prefer to squeeze a lemon or drizzle some olive oil over it, toss it around, and a bit of seasoning. I also like ripping up a bit of coriander and tossing that in. It is a simple meat-free, mostly raw lunch, and surprisingly filling, but not so much that one is "stuffed". I always still have plenty of energy left over to go for a bike ride to the shops if I need anything, or to get a load of work done.


  1. this post makes me long for summer here in minnesota! i envy your gardening abilities. i try every year to no avail (darn rabbits)...but i will have to keep trying!

  2. Hi two birds, rabbits are a unique geographical problem, which I haven't had the opportunity to deal with. I am not sure how effective putting a net or an old wire basket over the plant would be? I guess it would have to be a trial and error thing, trying to find ways to protect the plants without harming the living creatures who want to eat it. Those darned critters, they need to find other restaurants to dine at... Best wishes to you x


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