Saturday, December 10, 2011

My courtyard salad garden and the never-ending seedling trays

chives, always being snipped, and salad greens, always being picked

The thing about growing salad greens is that you eat them. Well, I do anyway. Every day I have a big salad, so I need lots of greens in the garden, and seedlings always on the go.

I also like to eat the usual herbs like chives, coriander, parsley, so I grow them myself as well.

And to be on the safe side, as my salad greens get eaten, I have even more seedlings underway. It's a never-ending exercise which guarantees I always have plenty to eat.

The seedlings above though are probably planted a bit close together, especially the amaranth in the cup in the middle. They're going to be tricky to thin out. So the next step is to probably transplant them now into a bigger planter (still for baby plants) with more room around each other.

At this stage I still keep the soil wet, which means a light spray of water (imitating very gentle rain) very often. They are just babies, and they need to be treated as such with gentle nurturing.


  1. Wish I could garden. I killed my cactus...haha.

  2. I dream of having my own garden like this someday :0


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